Family Tree – DIY

Sunday mornings can be a bit tricky sometimes. We were in the middle of a cheerios war, when I needed to think fast and strategically about a solution.

We happened to have a big empty frame (I went to Ikea to buy a duvet and ended up -a usual – with many unexpected items), a couple of medium sized colored papers and kids paint.


  • Finger paint
  • A paint brush (we used a facial brush for some reason)
  • Big card sheets
  • Big felt pen


  • Draw the trunk and brunches of a tree with a big felt pen
  • Squeeze some paint on a plastic plate
  • With a paintbrush spread the paint on one family member’s hand at a time (to prevent tiny family membera from finger printing the house). 
  • Stamp your hand print
  • Wash hand and brush.
  • Pass to the next family member.
  • Repeat until all family members have stamped their hand print.
  • Let it dry
  • Frame it and hang it