Fall card

While cycling back from Lucy’s school we bumped into an amazing shower of yellow and orange leaves.We decided to stop and collect loads and then make little birthday favours for Lucy’s classmates: 41 little children (when the teacher told me that number I immediately regretted asking!).

Lucy enjoyed helping with the different stages of this mega operation. Especially (in order): tasting the cake, stamping the little ingredient labels on the cake, gluing the table, stapling all stapable objects.


  • Fall leaves
  • Children’s liquid glue
  • Glue stick
  • Small paint brush
  • Cards 
  • String 
  • Stapler 
  • Cake (we made a vegan brownie without nuts, to suit all alleegies. I shall post the recipe someday)
  • Food plastic small bags 


  •  Pour some liquid glue on the leaf and brush it both sides 
  • Smear the glue stick on your card and press the leave on it. 
  • Leave them to dry! Meanwhile prepare your cake.
  • Staple the plastc bag with a little piece of string, so you can later tie the little cake in it (forgot to take in between steps pics, sorry. but quite intuitive).

  • Distribute to the tiny population 🙂

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