Painting Doors, starting from white

I have set myself the goal of painting all our internal doors.

I have some left over paint from the kitchen makeover I have done a couple of months ago.The furniture paint I used for that project was Rust-Oleum furniture paint, classified toy-safe. It really doesn’t smell that much and the satin finush is quite lovely. So I have decided to use it for painting the doors too.

I have read somewhere of this ‘life hack’ of using an elastic band to clean the brush  from the excess paint. It works beautifully!


  • Doors
  • Small paint brush (I used one from the Ikea kids sections)
  • Medium paint brush (a more formal Hamilton speciment)
  • A messy mat
  • Screwdriver 


  • Remove the hardware from the door if possible
  • Clean the door with a dump cloth
  • If you have a panel door, start painting the internal corners of one panel, then complete the panel. 
  • Repeat for each panel.
  • Then paint the rest of the side of the door.
  • Give a second coat if necessary.
  • Let it dry.


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